What Could Be Better Than A Wonderful Pre Wedding At Beach??

We at Coolbluez Photography have covered a lot of Pre weddings, and we like to believe that there is something special about the pre weddings that take place on beaches. People nowadays are going less and less for the traditional pre wedding and the reason for this are these changing trends. Couples for their pre wedding want the Best Wedding Photographer, and why shouldn't they? The album that the photographer provides the couple after the wedding is the only living memory of that big day other than the couple’s undying love for each other.

And with all these trends going on, if the couples want a natural and authentic-looking photoshoot they search for a Candid Pre Wedding Photographer. Or if a couple plans a wedding far away from their hometown to make the day even more memorable then they have to look for a Destination Wedding Photographer.



These pre wedding shoots are done on the beach surrounded by water and beauty. Millennial couples dream of getting a pre wedding shoot at a beach as beaches are amazing places.

And as we are talking about beach pre weddings, how can we let the topic of goa slip by?

And in a country like India with its vast culture and diversity, there are a lot of pre weddings that happen here every year. The couples getting their pre wedding shoot to want it to be memorable, and this is the reason people like to go for pre weddings from their home and workplace to be stressfree during the shoot as Beach pre weddings are like vacations with your partner.

And like a lot of pre weddings take place in India every year, and many of them happen at goa. And goa is one of the most beautiful and elegant places in India. Goa is also the answer to the couples who want a beautiful destination pre wedding and also don't want to leave the country as they don't want to spend a whole lot of money. Pre Weddings in goa are not at all expensive. They are certainly cheaper than getting a pre wedding shoot in a foreign country for the sake of a destination pre wedding.


Pre Weddings in goa have a freeing vibe to them. Imagine holding the hand of your loved one on a beach. The vast ocean in front of you also signifies the un-ending cheerful and merry moments of love that the couple is gonna share as they start a new life together.

We at Coolbluez Photography don't just think of ourselves as photographers but also artists. And due to our experience with photojournalism, the photos we take are creative clean and crisp.


So if you are looking to make your pre wedding day even more memorable by planning a beach pre wedding at a place like Goa, we at CoolBluez Photography can surely help you with that.

Written By - Surpreet K on 28 Nov, 2019
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