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Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi | CoolBluez Photography

An Indian wedding is a mirror image of the cultural diversity that we have here and the richness of India’s traditions and culture. Weddings in India are never the same. This is what is unique about India, here, every wedding is somewhat different from each other. It is said that in India with every 200 KMs traditions and languages change. There are so many languages and varied cultural practices that it is hard to keep track of them all. But, anyhow, you won’t ever find any wedding boring or uninteresting. Every wedding has its own unique flavor and type of activities. One thing is sure, an Indian wedding leaves people amazed, happy and satisfied altogether. Be it the amazing food, over the top decorations, fabulous decor or glamorous and dazzling outfits, you will find everything at an Indian wedding.

Indian Wedding photography is all about capturing such beautiful and larger than life Indian weddings. A team of professional photographers and cinematographers captures the activities happening at a wedding. One of the most important parts is to capture the main ceremonies that happen during the wedding. For example, the ring ceremony, the Varmala, the entry of the bride, the Vidai and the Pheres are some of the most important ceremonies at a wedding. Capturing these ceremonies is not a new thing, it has always been an important part of traditional wedding photography. But wedding photography in India is not just limited to traditional photography anymore. There are several new introductions when it comes to different styles of wedding photography.

And throughout the country, Delhi is one of the places where a lot of the wedding photography industry is focused. We at Coolbluez Photography shoot a lot of wedding and most of them take place in Delhi. There is a constant demand for The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. And apart from that Delhi is the city where we provide all of our wedding services.

Some of the wedding services that we provide in Delhi:

We provide different types of wedding photography in Delhi and among them, traditional and candid style of wedding photography is the most talked about. You may have read many comparison blogs on these two types of wedding photography. But the fact is that both these styles are important and valid in their own way. They both actually complement each other in a very uncomplicated and beautiful way. It’s like these both styles of wedding photography are two sides of the same coin.

1. Traditional Wedding Photography - Traditional wedding pictures give out a formal vibe. They are shots that are captured in a very controlled way. People are looking into the camera and smiling. Everything is supposed to look perfect in a traditional wedding picture. Underestimating traditional photography is not a good start. It is also an amazing way to re-create your wedding moments. So, the best option is the combination of both the styles of wedding photography. It will make your wedding album complete.

2. Candid Wedding Photography -Candid wedding photography is totally the opposite of this approach. The point is to capture all the not-so-perfect and raw moments that happen between the family or friends. Candid wedding photography captures people in between the moment. If you want your wedding album to be full of photos which says a lot about the personalities and real emotions of you and your family, you must go for this style of photography.

3. Pre and Post Wedding Shoots - Wedding photography also includes pre and post-wedding shoots. Modern couples usually don’t want to skip these two shoots. They are an amazing way to get your dream vacation getaway with the love of your life. Both the shoots may involve exotic location, theme-based outfits, and usage of props. These shoots are just for the couple and no family member or friend is involved. You just need a pre wedding photographer in Delhi who will click the best pre-wedding moments for you.

There are many more types of wedding photography. The list can keep on going but the styles mentioned above are the most sought after types of wedding photography. To recreate your beautiful wedding, you must hire the best wedding photographer in Delhi. It is a fact that people want their wedding to look more extravagant in photos and videos. It is also a great way to look at those beautiful moments again and again in the form of memories.

The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi is someone who captures a wedding according to the expectations and vision of the couple and the family. To become The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi one must have a lot of knowledge about the wedding industry. This is because the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi needs to have updated knowledge about the trends in the industry because without proper knowledge one can’t know what moments to capture and prioritize over other moments. Also, the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi must know how to keep improving his/her work and keep learning from other known artists in the same industry. To keep learning is the only way the wedding photographer in Delhi can improve his/her art. Also, the wedding photographer in Delhi must be a professional who has in-depth knowledge of the industry and the recent trends going on in the industry for the perfect wedding photoshoot . If you are planning to get married in Delhi, you are very lucky as it is once in a lifetime opportunity to get married in such a luxurious and unique city. The location really affects the whole aura and feel of the wedding. The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi can re-create your wedding in a beautiful way. Delhi is an all-rounder place where you can plan your wedding. Not only your wedding, but you can also get your pre-wedding shoot done here. The main task is to find the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. A wedding photographer will create some splendid and timeless memories for you. You must hire the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi.

Why Coolbluez Photography can provide you with the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

We at CoolBluez Photography are a creative and passionate team of wedding photographers and videographers. With the most enthusiastic and passionate leaders, we have the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi. Our team members are highly skilled and very creative when it comes to any kind of photography. The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi will create some splendid memories that you and your family can cherish for life. Here at the CoolBluez photography, we make sure that our in-house team does all the work. whether it be photo editing, capturing candid moments, film editing or film shooting, our team excels at everything. We believe in providing the best services to our clients. If you hire us, we will make sure that only the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi captures the best day of your life. We also customize packages according to our clients. We understand that the demands of every client are very different and it is not fair to provide the same kind of packages to every client. So, we make sure that every client gets what they want. We try to understand our client’s expectations and vision before planning special things for them. Our Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi will work accordingly so that the memories created and photos captured, match your style and taste. So if you are someone who is looking for the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi for their wedding then we can surely help you with that as we here at Coolbluez Photography believe in creating stories that you and your family can treasure forever. You can contact us for more details.