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Thailand Destination Wedding | CoolBluez Photography

A destination wedding is chosen by a couple who wants to celebrate all the ceremonies away from the place they reside in. This is a way to eliminate any extra obligations they have towards stereotypical marriages. Also, people, these days want their wedding to be different than their friends and other relatives. They want that extra factor that makes their wedding unique and distinct. So, a destination wedding is a great way to say that. Also, it is not necessarily just to show off but a destination wedding just matches some couple’s personality. Some couples just like the idea of an excluded wedding where they can just be themselves in front of the very close people they like and adore.

The other reason to choose a destination wedding is that some people just want to embrace the natural element. That is the reason why people get married on beaches or mountains. They want to feel that newness and exoticness about the place they choose to get married at. So, a destination wedding is all about traveling and having fun at an exotic location with the people you love the most. We have talked about a lot of pros of a destination wedding but the next question that might come to your mind is -

Which is the best location for a Destination Wedding and Why?

And to that, we say, hands down Thailand is the best place for your destination wedding and of course, we are going to give you facts about it. Hence the following are the reasons why you should go for a Thailand Destination Wedding:

1. Beautiful Beaches - People love the beauty of Thailand and hence couples always want a Thailand Destination Wedding. The beaches there are stunning but if you want you can also book a jungle resort as your wedding venue or a mountain retreat in a botanical garden or even at a private villa. But whatever you choose, your Thailand destination wedding will be fabulous.

3. Cheaper than other destination wedding places -Thailand is one of the most tourists visited places as it is a perfect vacation spot. And the reason people love coming here is that apart from being beautiful, Thailand is comparatively a cheaper place. Because of this the services and the staff that you'll find will also be not expensive.

4. Thailand's Traditions - You can choose to get your blessing ceremony done by a monk. During a Thailand Destination Wedding, most people incorporate Thai customs into their wedding ceremony just to live the experience. And the monks there are happy to bless the bride and the groom in an ancient and beautiful blessing. The wedding planners that you hire can also help you in giving a Thai theme to your wedding.

5. Beautiful Flowers There are hundreds of types of flowers that you can find in Thailand and all of them are inexpensive and beautiful. Flowers look amazing when you have your Thailand Destination Wedding at a garden. In this way, you are surrounded by many flowers and trees at the time of the wedding. And you can also have the decoration of flowers if you choose to tie the knot at the beach.

6. Thai Lanterns -Those lanterns look pretty at night and it is also considered a practice that brings good luck as all of your bad luck will fly away in the sky with the lanterns. This is a perfect example of the Thai traditions that you can also practice at your wedding.

7. A fun holiday for you and your family - Destination weddings are anyway a fun getaway for you and the family, as soon as you come this far from your switch to your vacation mode and become stress-free. And not just you, this happens with all your family and guests that are present at the wedding.

8. Amazing hotels and resorts - Being an amazing tourist attraction, Thailand some of the best hotels and resorts in the world. And some are especially for having some really extravagant weddings. Hence if choose to with Thailand Destination Wedding then it really helps you make your special day more special.

These were some of the many reasons that make Thailand Destination Wedding the perfect option for you. And when you plan a Thailand Destination Wedding you also need a great wedding photographer in Thailand. And to choose the one you have to do a lot of R&D but we here at Coolbluez Photography are going to tell you the way out of all this hard work. Instead of visiting hundreds of wedding photography pages you try and look for the best wedding photographer for your Thailand Destination Wedding, and to save you from that we recommend that you reach out to us here.

Why choose us?

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We understand that to capture your Thailand Destination Wedding moments in an extraordinary way you need a wedding photographer for your Thailand Destination Wedding. CoolBluez Photography is among those wedding photographers who are popular for shooting a destination wedding in Bankok, Thailand, and other destination wedding places. If you are ready to tie the knot in this wedding season then you can choose CoolBluez Photography as the best wedding photographer in Bangkok for your Thailand destination wedding. And apart from that being a husband and wife duo, we understand the requirements of a couple during a shoot and we try our best to fulfill those. So if you are looking for a photographer for your Thailand Destination Wedding the be sure to reach out to CoolBluez Photography .