Surbhi and Akash || A Lavish Pre Wedding Shoot at Dubai

We love it when the couples we meet have a "Go Big or Go Home" attitude and Surbhi and Akash certainly chose to Go Big! To make their Pre Wedding special and more memorable the couple wanted to go to Dubai for the shoot. The couple's Pre Wedding was really extravagant. The couple hired a Speed Boat so that we can get some breathtaking shots of them with the sea and the coast in the background.



And if hiring a speed boat wasn't enough the couple also rented a 250,000$ Ferrari with which we were able to take some stunning photos of the couple. We didn't leave any beautiful location that could have been amazing as a backdrop for the pictures. We shot at locations like the hotel, the beach, and even the desert.
The photo that we most like is the one with the couple standing next to the Ferrari, the final picture really looked like the thumbnail of a high budget music video.



Check Out Full Event: Surbhi and Akash || A Lavish Pre Wedding Shoot at Dubai

We had a lot of fun shooting the Pre Wedding of Surbhi and Akash. And if you found this Pre Wedding beautiful, you should check out our other work at Coolbluez Photography.


Written By - CoolBluez on 27 Nov, 2019
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