Some of our Favorite Destination Wedding Locations

Many people think, "Why Destination Wedding?" But we want to ask them, "Why not?". These weddings are just like perfect getaways with your family. People plan these weddings so that they can come out of their hectic work life for some time, and these weddings also make you stress-free instantly. And there as a lot of aspects of a Destination Wedding that make it so desirable.
One of the most significant roles that these weddings play is that they make our special day even more memorable. And another misconception that people have about these weddings is that they are very costly, but that is not true. Destination Weddings cost just as much as a traditional wedding. And this might sound very factually wrong as you have to spend a lot of travel and the accommodation of your guests but when you have a destination wedding you only invite half of the original guest list and due to this you see a major decrease in expenses.
We here at Coolbluez Photography have done countless Destination Wedding Shoots for our clients and from our experience, we have chosen our favorite locations for a destination wedding.

So the following locations are our personal favorite:

Bali, Indonesia -

Being an island in Indonesia, Bali is nothing like any other Destination Wedding Location. Couples who go to Bali for their destination wedding usually choose the beach as their wedding venue. And there is nothing better than having your wedding at a beach.
Try and think of a moment in which you are at a beach for your wedding, there is sand stuck to your feet and the wind is in your hair. Doesn't just the thought makes you run to a beach?
The daytime wedding photographs of Bali really have a life of their own.



Bangkok, Thailand -
Bangkok is another famous location when it comes to destination wedding photography. Most couples nowadays want a Thailand Destination wedding. The capital is famous for its vibrant street nightlife. Like Bali, Thailand is also famous for its beaches, but it's not just that Thailand. Thailand has some amazing hotels which are always ready to welcome you and your family for your stay. And for their wedding photoshoot, couples hire only the Best Wedding Photographer in Bangkok.

Dubai -
Being one of the richest cities, Dubai's name pops us in destination wedding photography too. The demand for a wedding photographer in Dubai is so much just because of the beauty that the place has to offer and the beauty is not just about the beaches but also the desert and the amazing architecture. Dubai has the perfect exotic vibe that a couple looks for in a destination for their wedding.

Written By - CoolBluez on 04 Dec, 2019
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