Sadhika and Maxwell || A Bright and Lovely Bali Wedding

Shooting destination weddings have now become our thing now, here at Coolbluez Photography. We love it when a couple comes to us with plans for a destination wedding, as these weddings are great. The settings are amazing, the backdrops are breathtaking. Hence we really encourage these weddings. And a while back we met a similar couple who had plans for a destination wedding.

Sadhika and Maxwell were a lovely couple who we got a chance to shoot. They planned their destination wedding to take place in Bali, Indonesia.

The couple not just hired us for their wedding shoot but also for events like Haldi, Mehendi, that bridal shoot and of course the reception.
Apart from the wedding, Sadhika and Maxwell, as well as their family and friends, had a great time in Bali and we are sure you can see it in the photos.

After covering the vivid Haldi and Mehendi ceremony came the bridal shoot. And as Sadhika didn't want an ordinary bridal shoot so we also included her bridesmaids in it.
As Sadhika and Maxwell decided to go to Balo for their wedding, they were, of course, getting married on a beach. The Wedding ceremony was lovely. And after the wedding, came to the reception. The family and friends were all really happy to see Sadhika and Maxwell start their new life together. We at Coolbluez Photography had an amazing time at the wedding of Sadhika and Maxwell.

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Written By - CoolBluez on 29 Nov, 2019
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