Rashpal and Sapna || A Breathtaking Thailand Wedding

Nowadays couples try and make their wedding day more special and memorable by planning a destination wedding. And that is what Rashpal and Sapna did. The lovely came to us with plans of having their wedding in Thailand.
The couple specifically asked us to give our equal attention to the family and friends as they did want a wedding album excluding them. Rashpal and Sapna had a wedding we all dream of. And the reason we say that is that they choose a beach as the location for their wedding.

And it wasn't just the couple's wedding that we covered. We were there toe to toe with Rashpal and Sapna so that we don't miss a single moment of this very special wedding. The first event we shoot was the couple's Haldi Ceremony.
After the wedding, the couple had planned a reception. Where the family members had prepared dance performances for the bride and the groom. The most breathtaking dance was of the couple only. They both looked like two angels in love. It was an amazing experience for us at Coolbluez Photography to cover the Destination Wedding of Rashpal and Sapna.

Check Full Event: Rashpal and Sapna || A Breathtaking Thailand Wedding

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Written By - CoolBluez on 14 Nov, 2019
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