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Dubai Pre Wedding Shoot

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Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai | Dubai Pre Wedding Shoots | CoolBluez Photography

If a couple is asked about their story that how they fell in love, they may define it accurately but what if they can show that story to someone? After all, this digital age is all about watching and seeing things. People understand the language of photos and videos. This is because of this fast-paced and social media world where people do not have time to stop and listen to stories. So, in this world, telling a story through photos or videos is all that matters. A couple can show people a glimpse of their love life through such photos and videos.

You must have heard about Pre wedding Photography. This type of photography is admired and opted because couples want to make memories of their love life and cherish them forever. And it is not an extra thing like many people believe, it is a good way to create some personal memories by which you can be reminded of the most amazing days of your life. A shoot like this is all about a beautiful location and a change of outfits. So, if you want to create some loving memories with your partner, you must go with the pre wedding photography. And if you are still not on board with the fashion of pre wedding shoot then we are here to tell you why they are an essential element of the wedding phase. You can do all types of stuff with a pre wedding shoot and some of the examples are:

1. Decorate the house walls with pre wedding photos - The romantic photos of you and your loved one will look amazing and will also add to the beauty of your house. The photos that are taken by a photographer in a pre wedding shoot are really amazing. And seeing those photos every time you pass through the corridors will be another level of satisfaction.

2. Use the Pre Wedding Photos in the wedding invitations - This is another thing that people are trying out more and more. The images of pre wedding shoot are amazing anyway and you can now also show them to all the guests that you invite by printing some of the best pre wedding pictures. When your relatives will see the invitation cards they won't be able to resist not coming to the wedding.

3. Add the photos to the wedding album - You can wait till the time you get your wedding album and then you can also put your pre wedding photos in that album as we believe that the fatter the wedding album the better. Just like the wedding moments, these pre wedding moments should always stay with you to remind you of the time when you and your partner stated on this journey of love.

4. It gives you an idea about what suits you - When you are done with your pre wedding shoot you end up with hundreds of photos which helps you decide which style of photography suits you. And this is important for your wedding day. When you are already familiar with what kind of photography style suits you then you can tell your wedding photographer to only work towards that style.

5. Builds a relation between you and your photographer - The relation between the couple and the photographer might not seem important but it is as the wedding photos turn out to be amazing when the couple bonds with the photographer at the time of the pre wedding photoshoot.

So by now, you must have understood the importance of a pre wedding shoot in the life of a soon to be married couple. But that is not just it, you can take it up a notch by doing a destination pre wedding shoot. Just think about it, when is the next time you are going to get the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. And another thing that is left to discuss is the location. And we are going to help you with that as well...

Dubai pre wedding shoots are all the rage nowadays as Dubai is a perfect location for having a pre wedding session. With having Burj Khalifa, desert and beach this place is always a center of attraction among the couples. People mostly opt for Indian wedding photographers in Dubai as people here feel comfortable having a shoot done by an Indian. Apart from these locations, you can have your Dubai pre wedding photoshoots at Dubai Meena Bazaar and in the old Dubai. You can click candid and natural photoshoots here. On the whole, you will have fun while having pre wedding photoshoots in Dubai. To capture your Dubai pre wedding shoots, you just need to hire a pre wedding photographer in Dubai who provide the best pre wedding photography in Dubai. For your pre wedding photography in Dubai, you need the Best Indian Wedding Photographer in Dubai . And the reason for choosing the best wedding photographer is that you can never be disappointed by the results that the best wedding photographer will give you.

And here is our pitch why you should have you Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai ??

Dubai has some of the biggest malls in the world and there are hardly any brands that are not present there. And as pre wedding photography happens 3-4 months before the wedding you should really go there to shop for your wedding.

Another reason to have your Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai is the beauty. People love having Burj Khalifa in as the backdrop of their Pre Wedding Photos. And it doesn't end there, Dubai has some amazing places and also has the craziest combinations of nature like the beaches and desert at the same place.

Even if you desire to hire a Speed Boat for your Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai, you are totally encouraged to do this. And not just boats you can also rent a Quarter of a million dollar Ferrari, just for the sake of your Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai.

So rather than searching for a pre wedding photographer, you can come to us at Coolbluez Photography and we will certainly provide you with the best for you pre wedding photography in Dubai.

Why Choose Coolbluez Photography for your Pre Wedding Photography in Dubai?

We at Coolbluez Photography have some of the best pre wedding photographers in Dubai who are capable enough to create memories with their high-resolution cameras, high tech lenses and creative eyes. Therefore, if you are a couple looking for pre wedding photography in Dubai then hire Coolbluez Photography if you want the best results.