Our Wedding Videos that crossed 1M+ Views on YouTube

The wedding industry is flourishing at an amazing speed. Thanks to social media that is creating the need to evolve fast with the new cinematography trends and demands. With the rise of personalized and intimate weddings, the focus has moved more on the bride and groom who are leaving no stone unturned to make the most of their big day.

Be it the bride dancing while getting ready, or making a smashing entry during Jaimala the need for creative wedding cinematography has increased all the more these days. That’s why we at CoolBluez Photography love creating wedding films and cinematic videos that are outstanding, creative and break the stereotypes.

So, here’s a list of some of our most loved Youtube videos that have crossed 1M+ views and depict trends, love, emotions, glamour, and everything that a millennial wants!


Videos that broke the Stereotype thinking


1. Bride getting ready -



This video was a piece of hot news when it came out! It just got so much love and adoration from all the people. And why shouldn’t it be? The bride who was always supposed to be shy at her own wedding broke the age-old stereotype by dancing in shots while getting ready with her girl gang. Almost every media reported this video as it got viral within minutes of uploading on Youtube. We can proudly say that this one of our most trendsetting videos with 11.4M+ views.


2. Groom dancing while the Bride makes a surprise entry -



This video makes you so damn happy and lively. And moreover, it is just adorable to see the groom dancing with his friends while the bride is entering. The best part is when the bride joins the groom and all of them just start having fun together. It is a perfect video that sidelines all the traditional and old school bride entries.


These Cinematic Wedding Films will make you Nostalgic


Over the years, the trends in wedding cinematography world have evolved immensely. The revolution of wedding films is just crazy. These are just two of our most loved cinematic films which received lots of love and appreciation.
It’s just magical to see a whole journey where each and every emotion, from the start to the end is felt in just a few minutes. The best part is that these videos are just immensely creative and seem natural, unlike the videos that were made earlier. The videos are natural and heartwarming. It makes the viewers feel the whole journey in such an adorable way.




Prewedding Films that is high on Love, Glamour, and Chemistry between the couples

Pre-wedding shoots bring so much spice and entertainment to the whole wedding photography scenario. These two videos were our most loved videos under pre-wedding films. The way a couple meets, court each other and fall in love, the whole process is just magically captured in these two videos. These videos depict perfectly how larger than life and spectacular pre-wedding films can be.





Trends in this industry keep changing and we see new fascinating trends making their place every day. But capturing such moments create history and memories that make you all nostalgic and happy. So, we did our part and made stories through videos that made people all emotional and satisfied. These were some of our most loved videos on youtube which made us proud.

Written By - CoolBluez on 26 Sep, 2019
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