Say Hi to these New Age Bridal Portraits!

Bridal portraits are professional photos of a bride captured just after she gets ready, prior to the main wedding function. We believe that bridal portraits are very valuable to the whole memory-making process. So it should be anything but not boring! 


The bride goes through a lot during the whole journey. She has always dreamed about the time when she will wear her favorite outfit and feel like a queen. So, your bridal portraits should be such to make you feel at the top of the world. It should be all about you and your personality.


So, take inspirations from some of our signature bridal portraits that are unique and sassy. These depict the tale of new-age Indian Bride.

That artistic yet classy kind of bridal portrait


In the wedding photography world, if experimenting is not the way then what is? The best part is when something new is created and it turns out to be just perfect, like the photo below. This shot is just a mixture of all the elements one could ask for. The lehenga shot is covered here very beautifully with the bride in the picture. Make sure you get a shot like this at the most aesthetic place. 

Wedding Photographer In Delhi

The traditional pose but with a pinch of salt


How can a bride not get captured in such a classy and breathtaking way? The detail of a bride’s outfit and jewelry is a sight for sore eyes. The traditional pose that is combined with the new trends and creative style of capturing changes the whole picture. So, it’s a must addition in your bridal photo memories. 

 CoolBluez Photography


The red carpet walk you always deserved


We have all seen these shots of celebrities when they walk the red carpet or met gala. Who said you can’t get captured this way at your wedding? This is a very classy and royal bridal portrait. The wholesome feeling when the bride walks towards her groom makes us satisfied and happy. So this is a must shot if you are looking for something original and artistic.

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That close up shot that will truly define your beauty


The bride chooses every piece of her jewelry with so much love and attention. It must get captured in a way that enhances her beauty and makes her look more flattering and lovely. Be it Mehandi or sangeet, every detail of her outfit must be captured in a very creative manner. 


Coolbluez Photography


The detailed creative lehenga shots


This is every bride’s favorite shot because it helps you showcase your complete lehenga, which you have spent hours imaging, hunting and then finally selecting. So without any questions, we love taking these twirl as well as back shots that add a sexy touch to your bridal portrait photography session. So, don’t miss this one. Just twirl brides!

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These are some of our favorite bridal shots that went viral on social media. Do tell us which one you loved the most. In case you have a few more ideas, we are just a call away.

Written By - CoolBluez on 20 Sep, 2019
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