Indian Wedding Photography - A Perfect Guide For Indian Wedding Cultures

Usually, a wedding is about three C's - Celebration, Ceremony, and Commitment, but when it comes to an Indian wedding, the wedding horizon broadens to Commonness, Diversity, Culture, and Togetherness. Weddings are one of the most significant and most sacred events in one's life. These are the events that happen once in a lifetime and last forever. So, the significance of such an event is noteworthy and highly remarkable. For a person or a couple who are anticipating to tie the knot for life are aware of the implications and the responsibilities to vow for the union. It is a lucky moment for those who have found the love of their life and are ready to get married and live the rest of their life together, happily.

Indian weddings are exuberant and huge celebrated among the loved ones, it is one of the most important days for the family. In India, the wedding is more of a festival that is celebrated among relatives, friends, and intimate acquaintances. With the country's diverse culture, multi-traditional religions, every wedding is different and Beyoncé. Every wedding in the country is worth watching and worth participating in. From the Haldi ceremony in Hindu weddings to Lavaan Pheras in Sikh weddings, Vivaamham in South Indian weddings, I do moments in Christian weddings, or Qabool hai moments in Muslim weddings, every wedding in India is very different and adorable to attend.

All these beautiful moments are covered and filmed by the best wedding photographers in India, who have expertise and skills in covering events like weddings. An Indian wedding photographer is trained in every genre of Indian wedding photography and is privy to all the religions and the wedding rituals. He is a professional who not only covers the significant moments of the event will rather make a timeline of the ceremonies taking place at your wedding. A top Indian wedding photographer will capture all the beautiful and the most stunning moments of your wedding, he will save all these memories for you for your lifetime. The Best Wedding Photographer is a professional who is expert at capturing the pictures at the event and is well versed with the techniques to capture the event flawlessly. He is a versatile photographer who can cover different events ranging from a pre wedding to destination wedding, luxury wedding premium wedding, fashion to corporate events. Since Indian wedding photographer is also trained in different weddings, he can also cover different weddings like Hindu weddings, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, and south Indian weddings for Indian Wedding Photography.

Since the Indian wedding Photography is booming as we talk, the new trends, creative styles, and candid approaches make people think twice before taking any decision as it offers numerous options even for a simple wedding. So, let's break some of the most sought weddings and pre-weddings ceremonies in India before we hope to cultural and traditional weddings in the country.

Pre wedding ceremony -

That is a time immemorial now when the two people getting married were allowed to see each other only after the religious marriage rituals were performed. With the people opening to positive changes and breaking the traditional taboo and accepting the new changes, people have started understanding the real meaning of getting together and living in a relationship. And this pre wedding ceremony has helped a lot of people to achieve a major breakthrough in their life and the relationship. It is a photo session where the couple spends some time with each other, knowing about one another, and helping each other build mutual understanding. The couples choose the best pre wedding photography to get captured at the places they travel during their pre wedding ceremony. It helps them create, make, and save some beautiful and initial moments of their life together. Its also become a part of Indian Wedding Photography nowadays.

Luxury wedding - 

When it comes to weddings, the days have changed when Indian weddings were accustomed to their traditions. Couples coming together for marriage seek to have a huge celebration luxuriously. They strive to make their wedding unique and flawless by subscribing to having a luxury wedding, where event the small detail is given significance. Luxury weddings have all the luxury in it. From the topnotch caterers to creative planners, and enthusiastic performers and top Indian wedding photography, luxury weddings are a perfect choice of the young couples anticipating getting married and can be easily captured by Indian wedding photography styles.

Destination wedding -

Most of the couples prefer to have a wedding ceremony that involves less stress and responsibilities on the family. So, they choose to have a destination wedding over a traditional wedding at some exotic and vibrant place. The destination wedding is scheduled at someplace that is away from home, and everything is handled by the hired wedding planner for the destination wedding. It gives the family more time to celebrate the wedding and participate fully. They hire the best destination wedding photographer to capture the real essence of these destination weddings.  There are different places that are selected for a destination wedding, which include destination weddings in Dubai, Srilanka, Delhi, France, etc.

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Premium wedding -

On a premium wedding, the ceremony is of most importance and all the services at a premium wedding are premium and supreme. The premium wedding can be held at a particular destination or at home even, but it involves all the premium things and all the necessary things that a wedding requires. Premium weddings are mostly celebrated by the bigwigs and the celebrities who expect renowned guests at the event.

Indian weddings are celebrated in various versions and Indian wedding photography is the right way to capture it. Depending on the cultural and religious values, the weddings in India are celebrated in a different fashion and high spirit.

Hindu Wedding Ceremony -

Hindu Weddings are one of the most popular weddings in the country, with the majority of the population being Hindus, the celebrations differ from region to region and culture to culture. Hindu weddings are huge and exuberant, however, its rituals make the ceremony even more enchanting and worth watching. There are several rituals that are followed in the Hindu marriages pre and post the marriage ceremony, and these rituals and ceremonies are:

Sangeet Ceremony

This is one of the most enthralling ceremonies where all the relatives sit and sing old and new Hindi songs, they also sing religious songs.

Haldi Ceremony

During the Haldi ceremony, the mixture of Haldi and sandalwood oil is applied to the skin of to be bride and groom to make their skin gloomy and shiny.


The bride and the groom take seven rounds around the sacred fire at the mandap while the Pandit recites the sermon of Hindu weddings at the ritual.

The candid wedding photographer captures every ritual of the wedding, helping the couple to save these perfect memories for life. The photographer captures everything perfectly with his Indian wedding photography style and candidly at a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Muslim Wedding -

Muslim weddings are one of the most dramatic and romantic weddings in the country with the bride nodding in pursuance to agree to the marriage with the words "Qabool hai" three times after the Maulana recites the verses from the holy book, The Quran. Islam is one of the most followed religions in the world, the marriages in Islam are strictly conducted within the ambit of teachings of the holy book and the last Prophet.

There are several amazing and dramatic rituals that are held in Indian Muslim Weddings. Have a look at a few of them.

Salatul Ishtikara

Salatul Ishtikara is a pre wedding ritual in Muslim weddings where the imam and his followers offer special prayers at the nearby mosque of at the residence to seek blessings from Almighty Allah, it is basically the official announcement of the marriage


Mangni is the official engagement celebration between the couple and their respective family members. Family, relatives and close friends from both the families come together on a scheduled day to mark the engagement day where the groom and the bride exchange rings.


The Nikah is one of the important rituals of the union between the groom and the bride, it officially makes them the husband and the wife respectively. Nikah is a religious ritual that is either held on a pre-decided date or on the day of the Wedding. The rituals are officiated by an Imam or Maulana. On this day the women and the men are seated in two separate groups with mostly partitioned with a seethrough curtain. The men usually take their place behind the groom and the women take place around the bride on the day of Nikah. This is where the consent is sought from the bride that if she is giving her consent for the marriage. The religious priest administering the marriage asks the bride if she is giving her consent for the marriage three times with - "Qabool hai". If the bride says yes or nods all the times been asked, the marriage gets completed, and prayers are exchanged between the two families.

Sikh Weddings - 

Sikh Weddings are also one of the most cheerful weddings in India that involve a lot of dance and singing performances apart from religious and cultural rituals, which are mostly performed at a Guduwara. The Sikh Wedding Photographer in India captures these traditions and rituals to make memories.

Here are some of the most important rituals of Sikh weddings.

Roka and Thaka
Roka and Thaka are one of the foremost pre wedding rituals in the Sikh Wedding where the brides' family, mostly the father of the bride, visits the groom's home and expresses the approval for marriage, and applies the tilak on the forehead of the groom. This roka and thaka ceremony mostly happens on the day of engagement or days prior to the engagement.

Kurmai is the formal engagement ceremony of the couple, which is held at the Gurudwara or at the groom’s house. Family, relatives and the close friends of both the families attend this ceremony.

Kirtan is like a Sangeet ceremony in Hindu weddings but this is a religious music performance that is held before the Anand Karaj at their respective residence to keep away the bad omens.

Anand Karaj
The appropriate meaning of Anand Karaj is the ‘Blissful Union’. This is the main ceremony of the Sikh Wedding that happens on the wedding day at the Gurudwara prayer hall. The holy book, Guru Granth Sahib, is placed at a prominent site while the marriage is designed around the holy book.


This is a process of circumambulation where the groom and the bride-to-be make rounds four around the Guru Granth Sahib while the person administering the union recites the 4 stanzas from the Guru Granth Sahib or Lavaa. This is similar to that of Pheras in Hindu weddings. The Lavaan are only four rounds, unlike in Hindu marriages, which have 7 Pheras.

Christain Weddings -

The Christian Wedding is regarded as one of the most alluring, elegant, and sophisticated weddings all over the world. The Christain weddings are most popular for its romantic rituals from the bride walking along the aisle and accompanied by her father towards the tabernacle, where the father administering the marriage delivers the hymns and sermons and reads the vows of marriage. The stunning bride in a beautiful white gown, see-through the veil and a flowing trail, while groom dons black tuxedo or suit and both standing on the altar and dramatically accepting each other for life, saying "I do". The much-hyped ceremonies that are included in Christian weddings are the bachelor's party and raising a toast. Indian wedding photography helps photographers to capture them in the most unique way.

Cross-cultural weddings -

Cross-cultural weddings mostly take place between individuals falling in love. It is blending of two different cultures coming together to celebrate love and togetherness. Most of the weddings that are love marriages are cross-cultural. This has become a very fine trend as the lovers are in pursuit of finding the best partners with whom they shall live the rest of life. And this love and affection bring two families closer that follow different traditions and cultures. In this wedding, two cultural proceedings are followed, rituals of both cultures are performed at the wedding.

South Indian Weddings -

South Indian weddings are as important and beautiful as any other wedding in India. There are several stunning and peculiar things that one might observe at almost every South Indian Wedding ceremony. The religious and cultural rituals like Kashi Yatra Tradition festooned palm and coconut trees, or the cuisine, every south Indian wedding has something offbeat to showcase. Whether it is a Kannada Wedding Rituals that embarks with Nischay Tamulam celebration during which the family members of the couple fixes the dated for the wedding or Tamil Wedding Rituals, which include Oonial ritual where the couple getting married sits on the swing and have banana and milk while the family members, relatives, and friends sprinkle rice balls on the couple. Each and every wedding in the country has something unique to offer, which makes the wedding the most amazing and worth attending.

Wedding cinematography -

In this modern era, wedding cinematography is also a part of Indian wedding photography. Most of the couples like to get their wedding documented and filmed by the best cinematographer to make the wedding moments more memorable. They hire the best wedding cinematographer to make the timeline of the events happening at the wedding. Since the weddings in India last for days, the cinematographer is hired to capture all the events and ceremonies unfolding during the wedding days. From the Sangeet ceremony to the farewell, he films every moment to make it vividly memorable for the couple and the family.

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Indian wedding photographers cover all these weddings with his expert skills and knowledge eloquently. He is the professional who makes and saves these perfect and significant moments of the couple. Coolbluez photography is a group of one of the best Indian wedding photographers who cover weddings across India and abroad. Coolbluez photography aims at capturing the real story behind every event. Be it a pre wedding or a wedding ceremony, we at Coolbluez photography will help you make some of the most stunning memories of your life and the testimony of your love and togetherness. If you are thinking of having any kind of shoot or want to get your wedding documented, you can contact us for any service that you require.

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