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We here at Coolbluez Photography have been in the industry for many years now but the photoshoots that we do still haven't ceased to surprise us.


We recently did a Multi Couple Pre Wedding Shoot at the Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur. There we had the pleasure to cover 2 lovely couples' Pre Wedding. Udaivillas also boats that can give you a tour of the ocean, but we instead used them so that both the couples' pre-wedding looked lavish as well as aesthetic at the same time.



As we were in one of the leading hotel chains in India, we made sure to incorporate the hotel's beauty into the pre-wedding photoshoot. The place looks like it was made while keeping in mind the couples that come here for their wedding and pre-wedding shoots.



At night, we took some artsy candlelight photos of the couples which gave the pre-wedding a dreamy touch. During the day time, Udaivillas has an amazing view of the adjacent hills which also work pretty well for some breathtaking backdrops. Everything was beautiful at the venue. Even the flowers there were so alluring that we couldn't miss taking pictures of the couple with them.


You can also check out the Full Event of this Multi Couple Pre Wedding Shoot. And if you would like to see some more of our photography you can go to Coolbluez Photography


Written By - Surpreet K on 12 Feb, 2020
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