Changing trend of Pre Wedding Photography among Millenial Couples

Wedding photography cannot be completed without a pre-wedding shoot. Some people want to skip their pre-wedding shoot but we think that may turn out to be a huge mistake. These days pre-wedding shoots are all the hype and the new trends are gaining a lot of attention from the young couples who are about to get married. This part of wedding photography is just getting bigger and bigger and the fun fact is that it is not stopping anytime soon.


Bollywood inspired themes


Pre-wedding shoots in India are inspired hugely by Bollywood and its celebrities. The recent trends in Bollywood are brought into the limelight by celebrities. It is only natural that people want to follow what their favorite celebrities are doing. Also, there are many Bollywood fans out there who want to be captured in a very filmy way on their pre-wedding shoot. Also, the Bollywood theme is very fun, exciting and larger than life. How interesting it is to get captured at the most romantic place while the bride to be is wearing the most beautiful saree.


Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi


Those romantic couple portraits


Again, pre-wedding shoots are not complete if the love between the couple is not in the air. This shoot cannot be complete without romantic couple portraits captured at a picturesque location. This is a very important part of the shoot to define a couple’s love and togetherness. This type of shot will remind you of your lovey-dovey and romantic days.



The growing demand for travel


Bollywood themes and romantic locations are the classics but the growing demand for luxury travel and getting your pre-wedding shoot done at an exotic location, away from home is all the hype. Young couples want to experiment and ditch the old and traditional definition of love. They want to be their true and wild self in front of the camera too. There are many other ways to show love than just following movie characters blindly. This new age is all about being real, crazy and wild. This photo is a perfect example of such a lifestyle. How beautiful is it to get your pre-wedding shoot done at a place where you can truly be yourself?



Ditching the normal and accepting everything unique 


Couples these days want to have all the fun together. We know that being bored and doing the same traditional things is not their style. They want to go all out and do things that make them happy and in love. It could be any activity or something like you can see in this photo. Who doesn't want to get captured in the middle of the dessert with the love of their life? It feels like you both got lost with each other in the middle of the dessert on purpose. The adventurous and daring couples will do anything to make their pre-wedding shoot happening.



Luxury is the new cool


Nowadays, pre-wedding shoots come with a lot of glamour and luxury vacations. Traveling to an exotic location and then getting captured at a luxury resort or a cruise gives out such a great vibe. It is opposite to how you get captured at your own wedding celebrations. This is the fun every couple deserves. Also, what can be a better way to spend some romantic and exclusive time with your partner just before you become husband and wife? This is the last time you can be a girlfriend and boyfriend, so you must try everything there is to try. 



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So, these were some types of changing trends of pre-wedding photography among millennial couples. Pre-wedding shoots are all about the love and chemistry of the couple. It sure entails a lot of glamour and fun with the love part and why shouldn’t it? At the end of the day, it is just about you and your partner.


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Written By - CoolBluez on 01 Oct, 2019
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