Lipdub Video of Bride Dancing on Cheap Thrills

Cheap Thrills Bride became the most talked-about wedding video concept in the wedding photography industry. The video went viral within minutes of upload on both YouTube and Facebook. We were trending at #2 on YouTube within no time. With more than 35 Million hits and reshared on every blog, newspaper, WhatsApp groups; it broke all stereotypes of how a bride is supposed to be. Every bride now wants to be another viral bride like our gorgeous bride Amisha!



I knew that the concept is different & would create a buzz; but this level of reach, recognition, and appreciation, was something that I had not imagined.

Everything which is not a norm creates curiosity. And similar was the concept of this video. We had our bride singing “Cheap Thrills” on her Destination Wedding in Thailand; which definitely had all the thrills attached to it!!

The main concept of the video was to portray the fun every bride now has during her getting ready time, as she has her bestie with her, teasing her, helping her, comforting her, and most importantly being there with her during the time when you are anxious, nervous & super excited at the same time.

Everyone talked about the getting ready video, about the choice of clothes, song, bride and there were loads and tons of appreciation of being able to do something out of the box. There have been numerous re-takes of the concept done on the same song with similar clothing. Amisha, was extremely good in following instructions as I already had a certain look of the video in mind and wanted it to look exactly like that. 

Amisha & Pranav chose the beautiful Sheraton Hotel in HuaHin, Thailand. The whole hotel is extremely gorgeous with big ballrooms. With amazing pools and bridges as a backdrop, we shot the entire song in less than 40 minutes. 

The whole idea was to show how brides really are on their wedding day; so confident of the decision that they have taken for their life. To show that the modern Indian brides are not shy & coy, and enjoy their wedding day now as much as anyone else. The whole planned attire look, which had the world talking; is now a benchmark for the bridal pictures. In fact, no bridal getting ready shots are complete without the must-have shot of the bride in her shorts pointing to her lehenga!!!

Bride getting ready video took us places, and we had an interview with BBC, Hindustan Times, The Times Of India, Strait Times, NDTV, Zee and popular blogs like PopXo,iDiva,shaadisaga, wedmegood, wedding sutra, etc. We are popular for our out of the box ideas and love doing new things all the time.

Brides and grooms love our unique and fun ways to make their wedding films special. Our cool brides adopting the same trend and flaunting their wedding trousseau beautifully.






Written By - Surpreet K on 10 Sep, 2019
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