4 Spectacular Locations For Your 2020 Pre Wedding Shoot In Thailand

Pre wedding photoshoot is a pre wedding ceremony that is planned and scheduled months prior to the wedding ceremony at the desired place or the dream place of the couple in different themes and different outfits. With fluctuating trends in the wedding industry, the couples have inclined to have a pre wedding shoot at some amazing places of their choice. These locations and the themes of the shoot are selected by the couples. It is mostly meant to have a get together with the beloved before the marriage ceremony and have personal time and photoshoot with your partner excluding family members. So, if you are intending to have a pre wedding shoot at some amazing place on earth, then you must choose Thailand to celebrate your pre wedding and make some beautiful memories in the beautiful land of antiquated vestiges and tropical shorelines.

Thailand is an Asian country known for its stunning beaches, ornate royal skyscrapers, monumental architectures, and luxurious sanctuaries depicting the effigy of Buddha. There are several places where you can have your photo shoot in Thailand but here we have listed some of the most splendid places that you can explore while having a pre wedding photography simultaneously in the Thai. Trust me, you will love it!

Ko Nang Yuan - 

Ko Nang Yuan is one of the most loved and the most romantic places in Thai, attracting people from across the world to its serene shorelines. It's freshwaters and splendid islands known as popular for scuba and swimming.

Phuket -

Phuket is one of the most spectacular and mountainous islands and Thailand's most popular beaches that offers a spectrum of sights from turquoise bays to the golden sunset. The Phuket Island is home to several seaside retreats, and eateries, spas.


Ko Phi Phi -

Ko Phi Phi is famous for its six exotic and the most beautiful islands of white sand and greenish-blue waters. Maya Bay is one of the most beautiful and the most popular among these bays. Ko Phi Phi is the most alluring place that attracts couples to have a pre wedding shoot on the edge of the turquoise bay.


Phang Nga Bay -

Phang Nga Bay is over 95 kilometers from the island of Phuket. It is one of the best vacation spots in Thailand famous for boating. While pre wedding photoshoot in Thailand, you can romantically cruise around in sea-green waters with your beloved. Phang Nga Bay is the paradise of islands, which comprises wonderful grottoes, oceanic caves, and limestone reefs. The waters in this scenic and wonderful place remain calm across seasons allowing you to have fun and fearless pleasure.

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Written By - CoolBluez on 20 Dec, 2019
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